Das Herz des Landes der Trulli


Over a thousand trullos

A fairytale landscape

If you are in the Itria Valley in Puglia, you simply must visit the splendid Trullos of Alberobello. These extraordinary cone-shaped buildings became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, and they are a very famous tourist attraction.

As well as a stroll around the trullos of the historical centre, we recommend a visit to the “Trullo Sovrano”, the tallest trullo and the only one with two floors. Today it is used for hosting events and concerts. We also suggest you visit the Church of Sant’Antonio, which is also shaped like a trullo.     Alberobello is a maze of alleyways, with more than 1000 trullos. You will feel like you are in another time and another world.

The traditions of this part of Puglia live on every day with the old skills of the women who still make lace, weave by hand and prepare orecchiette and fresh pasta.  Almost like a fairytale.

The old trullos

The fascinating mystery of stones

Among the Mediterranean scrub, grape vines, olive trees and vegetable gardens stand the Trullos, the original dry stone houses, whitewashed in lime, with cone-shaped roofs of exposed stone. Crosses, transfixed hearts and signs of the zodiac decorate the roofs of all the trullos, which preserve their mystery intact.

Beautiful Puglia

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