Green Green Puglia

An enormous natural park

One of the unmissable excursions  for visitors to Puglia is a trip to the Regional Park of the Ravines. Spread out over an area that includes 13 Municipal Districts, for a total of about 28,000 hectares, the Natural Park of the Land of the Ravines is characterized by deep rocky gorges of karstic origin, formed by the erosive action of the water courses that start from the uplands of the Murge and flow down towards the sea.

These caves were used for human settlements from the Neolithic period onwards, and in the atmospheric rocky villages there are still traces of churches, crypts and sanctuaries, which often have splendid Byzantine style icons.  At the Regional Park of the Ravines you will experience a day of nature and adventure.

Trips with the children

A day out, in touch with nature

The Park organizes teaching workshops and other interesting activities, like climbing on rocks and artificial walls, cycle-trekking, first time on horseback and much more. 

If you are travelling with your family, your children and teenagers  will love spending a day in contact with the rich plant and animal life in the Park.

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