Art and history

An elegant procession of Baroque architecture

Putignano is famous all over Italy for its Carnival, which is the oldest in Europe. It is less than 40 km from Bari and 22 km from Almapetra Trulli Resort.

It extends over three hills, an elegant procession of  buildings, built around Piazza Plebiscito, the heart of the town.  The Palazzo del Balì, once home to the Knights of Malta and used as a Civic Museum, the Sedile, opposite the Palazzo, once home to the University, and the Mother Church, named after Saint Peter the Apostle.

An itinerary of the places of worship in the town has to include the thirteenth century Church of Santa Maria la Greca, a fine example of Baroque art in Puglia, and the Church of San Domenico, just outside the historical centre, with its convent and Romanesque spire.


Underground caves

The cave of the Trullo is an impressive karst chamber with extraordinary crystalline fluorescence, and a forest of stalactites and stalagmites of alabaster, the perfect place for an underground exploration full of adventure.  

Beautiful Puglia