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A carefully looked after park perfects the Resort of Almapetra. Anyone who has stayed in our Trullos will have a memory of two colours in particular, the white of the stones these traditional houses are made of, as well as all the other buildings in the resort, and the green of the park that surrounds it.  The park, with all its shades and nuances, and the many trees in the estate are tended very carefully, paying close attention to the natural rhythms of the seasons.

The Park of the Almapetra Trulli Resort is a place that offers its guests moments of real relaxation. Leave your mobile and your watch in your room and stroll along the paths in the park. If you close your eyes, you will be able to breathe in a unique mix of fragrances from the numerous fruit trees.  Long soothing walks, peaceful pauses on the benches or in the shade of the gazebo with armchairs and tables, and unhurried hours in the sunbathing area will all be part of your holiday of relaxation, comfort, tradition and nature in Puglia.

Almapetra Puglia Experience

Nature, Relaxation and Silence

Almapetra Trulli Resort is a complex that covers an area of 4000 m2 in the midst of the magical timeless atmosphere of the trullos and the Puglia countryside. 

We have a kitchen garden that gives us delicious healthy produce, season after season, and every trullo is surrounded by olive, fruit and citrus trees.

Each apartment has an outdoor area with garden furniture and a little garden to fully enjoy the green environment of Almapetra Trulli Resort. The driveways that access the trullos are lined with lavender plants, whose flowers scent the air with their unmistakable fragrance.

Nature of Almapetra Trulli Resort

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Almapetra is situated in the heart of the Locorotondo countryside, about 3.5 km from the historical centre of the town. Reaching us by the main means of transport is easy. Discover what the best route is for you.



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