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Respect for the environment that surrounds us is a cornerstone of our understanding of hospitality and holidays.  At Almapetra Trulli Resort a love of nature is part of everything we do, from the care with which we maintain the park and garden, with their numerous trees and flowers, to the cultivation of fruit and vegetables in our kitchen garden, as well as the products we offer for breakfast, and the zero impact renovation and building work we carry out.

Attention to environmental issues and sustainability is particularly close to our hearts, and it is an important factor in the design and restoration of Almapetra.   The use, or rather the re-use, of local stone to renovate the trullos, which were built with respect for traditional techniques; stone walls up to a metre thick, to allow natural heat regulation in summer and winter; solar panels and underfloor heating; thermostatic taps and sensors that discreetly ensure an intelligent reduction of energy consumption, as well as guaranteeing maximum comfort.

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The tree lined driveways that lead to the entrance of the trullos have been planted with lavender, which gives off a pleasant fragrance and adds a delicate lilac hue.  Lavender is a herb with thousands of properties. Its name, from the Latin “lava”, probably relates to its main use, that of washing the body in oils and soaps, but it was also used to perfume the water in which the ancient Romans bathed.   The essential oil of lavender has also been used for centuries to treat burns and  inflammations of the skin, and for headaches and colds. It is also considered the ultimate essential oil for relaxation, and for this reason it is widely used for massages and wellness treatments. 

Almapetra Trulli Resort is a little paradise, made to measure for the needs of our guests with full respect for the environment.   A large park, carefully tended gardens, a space for children, a large pool, a jacuzzi and sunbathing area.  Ideal for family holidays or a romantic trip with your partner, the embrace of nature and culture awaits you at Almapetra in Puglia!

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Almapetra is situated in the heart of the Locorotondo countryside, about 3.5 km from the historical centre of the town. Reaching us by the main means of transport is easy. Discover what the best route is for you.



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