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The emotion of sleeping in a real trullo

The Trullos of Almapetra are buildings with an ancient and timeless charm. Our Trullos are all different and have their own distinctive features that characterize their soul and essence, and each one has a name: Oak Tree, Olive Tree, Cedar Tree, Pear Tree, Trulletto.  Discover the characteristics and identity of each Trullo together with us, and book the accommodation that best fits your needs.  The Trullos of Almapetra are perfect for a family holiday and ideal for a timeless romantic getaway, in the unique and fascinating setting of the Itria Valley.

Each individual Trullo has been conserved, restored and refurbished, which means that features and services have been added to guarantee a high level of comfort, without affecting the distinctive and unique nature of these rural creations, and always with the greatest respect for traditional techniques and materials.  Solar panels, underfloor heating, thermostatic taps, a variety of sensors and high quality finishing optimize the energy efficiency of the trullos and the whole Almapetra Resort complex, guaranteeing zero environmental impact.

The 14 Trullos in the resort, which make up 5 apartments, have been furnished with great care to guarantee a unique and unforgettable stay for all our guests. The stone walls, which are up to a metre thick, allow for natural temperature regulation, making the Trullos comfortable and pleasant in every season of the year - cool in summer and warm in winter.   This guarantees a good night’s sleep, enhanced by the atmosphere of peace and relaxation that reigns in the natural microcosm of Almapetra.

The apartments in the Trullos come with fully equipped kitchens, where you will find a welcome kit with the basic products of the Mediterranean diet: pasta, oil, milk, coffee, water and also a special gift from the owner.   All the Trullos of Almapetra have their own private external area, a little garden with features in hand carved stone, and comfortable furniture to allow you to enjoy total relaxation independently and in complete privacy in the open air.

Oak Tree

The magnificent tree that stands next to it offers hours of shade to the people who stay there. Spacious and ideal for families

Cedar Tree

It looks out over a charming private garden of citrus trees, where there are also cedars


Spacious and welcoming, with the fascinating feature of furniture in living rock - cool in summer and warm in autumn.

Pear Tree

It is situated near an old “Falsa Recchia” pear tree that produces particularly crunchy, sweet and fragrant fruit.

Olive Tree

 It welcomes you with the charm of a great centuries-old olive tree that offers hours of cool on the hottest days and a romantic atmosphere.

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Almapetra is situated in the heart of the Locorotondo countryside, about 3.5 km from the historical centre of the town. Reaching us by the main means of transport is easy. Discover what the best route is for you.



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