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Almapetra Trulli Resort is a unique holiday complex, situated among the warmth of the rocks and the shade of the olive trees, surrounded by the verdant Puglia countryside. An enchanting and poetic place, the perfect mix of nature and tradition, where you can abandon the struggles of everyday life and relax, surrounded by the peace of the Puglia countryside.

The property has renovated the old buildings known as Trullos and Cummersas, maintaining the white limestone as a key element, and preserving the authentic soul of these structures that tell the story of this region’s past. The restoration of the Trullos was carried out with complete respect for traditional techniques, maintaining the unique characteristics of these buildings.

Today the Trullos have become a place of hospitality and Almapetra allows you to spend pleasant holidays in Puglia with family, friends or a partner, enjoying the peacefulness of the Locorotondo countryside, the views of the Itria Valley and fresh wholesome food from the local area.  The rooms offer a mix of old and new, which coexist in harmony, making your stay in the trullo even more fascinating.

Almapetra is happy to welcome you to a place that can offer moments of pure poetry, without giving up the comforts of modern life. The genuine warm hospitality of our staff will also be at your complete disposal for all your needs.

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Almapetra "“Stone that Shelters”"

Almapetra Trulli Resort welcomes you to a complex of buildings made up of 14 Trullos and 4 Cummersas, made entirely of local stone by the able hands of the Trullo masters.

All the trullos have been restored and conserved preserving authentic details like, for example, the original flooring. Many of the stones used were extracted from the land worked during the renovation .

The name Almapetra, which means “Stone that Shelters”, is very meaningful. It is a tribute to the material with which the entire complex was built, noble and strong stone.

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We pay particular attention to the environment. Solar panels, underfloor heating, thermostatic taps and the use of home automation devices to reduce energy consumption make sure Almapetra Trulli Resort has a low impact on the environment. 

The Resort has a seasonal outdoor pool with a jacuzzi and sunbathing terrace, a park with a relaxation zone, a kitchen garden, a barbecue and oven area in stone,  and a private internal car park Discover the numerous services that await you at Almapetra, a timeless place where hospitality and tradition meet, to offer the best holiday experience in Puglia.

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Almapetra is situated in the heart of the Locorotondo countryside, about 3.5 km from the historical centre of the town. Reaching us by the main means of transport is easy. Discover what the best route is for you.



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