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Luxuriant trees and flowers of many colours

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Our Resort in the heart of the Puglia countryside, close to Locorotondo, is a marvellous place immersed in nature and perfect for anyone who wants to stay in a peaceful place and enjoy an aromatherapy treatment offered directly by nature.

The Garden of the Almapetra Trulli Resort is an ongoing discovery. Its plants are mainly Mediterranean scrub with areas dedicated to herbs (mint, thyme, sage, rosemary and basil), which scent the air with their essences, carried by the wind. There are also fruit trees includingfig, cherry, apricot, pomegranate and citrus, as well as oaks, more than thirty olive trees, some young and others over a hundred years old, and a kitchen garden with seasonal vegetables.  The white of the walls of the cummersas and trullos is never dull, because it is livened up by the bright colours of the flowers.  

The Garden also surrounds that little blue jewel that is the pool. There are plants and bright colours everywhere. Green areas with themed gardens also frame each apartment, guaranteeing privacy and tranquillity.

Almapetra Puglia Experience

Each trullo has its own garden

The Trullos of Almapetra have a private garden and an outdoor area with tables and armchairs, to dine under the stars or enjoy the views of the countryside at any time of day.  Spend time really relaxing in the shade of the olive and oak trees.

The lavender plants line the driveways that lead to the Trullos.  The stems with a thousand different shades of colour, from sky blue to llilac, caressed by the winds of the Puglia countryside, unleash an intense and relaxing fragrance.  A holiday of authentic relaxation in harmony with nature.

Nature of Almapetra Trulli Resort

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Almapetra is situated in the heart of the Locorotondo countryside, about 3.5 km from the historical centre of the town. Reaching us by the main means of transport is easy. Discover what the best route is for you.



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